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Frequently Asked Questions

Do FuseTV film external events/societies?


However, we do charge for filming and editing. Please click here for the most up to date guidance.

I have an idea! How do I get it made?

You can go along to the most relevant departmental meeting (check out our weekly timetable for the schedule!) and discuss your idea with the heads of department.

You can also fill in our Pitch A Project Form – if you are a student member of Fuse TV click here, if you are an external group or society click here.

What is FuseTV?

Fuse TV is the University of Manchester’s Student TV Station.

We produce coverage of all major University events together with a large number of documentaries, pre-recorded drama, entertainment, sports and factual shows.

How can I watch FuseTV?

You can watch Fuse TV here on our website or on our YouTube channel.

We also have a TikTok page and Instagram, where you can watch behind the scenes and exclusive short-form content that you won’t find on our main website and YouTube channel.

How can I get involved with FuseTV?

Make sure you have your Fuse TV membership on the Students’ Union Website!

The easiest way to get involved is to come along to one of our weekly departmental meetings – head over to the Get Involved page for the schedule. Choose one (or multiple) that you are most interested in and meet the Department Heads to discuss their current projects and any ideas you have!

We run training sessions and workshops throughout the year, stay tuned to our Instagram for details about when those are taking place.

Feel free to submit a Pitch a Project form if you are an individual/society/external organisation and have a specific idea that you want Fuse TV to make!

There are also weekly Station Manager Office Hours if you have a direct query for the Station Manager.

You can Contact Us directly here or send us a DM on Instagram!

Does FuseTV provide training?

Yes, throughout the year we run training sessions for camera operation and editing and run workshops with industry professionals. Stay tuned to our Instagram for details!